Butterfly child

I love to face paint Butterflies. This page is about a special boy, who I would love to face paint but  unfortunately that is impossible.


I would like to ask attention for a special Beautiful Butterfly Child, Jonathan Pitre. My dream is that there will be a cure for him and all his friends who suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Please click on the link to see and hear the song written for this beautiful Butterfly Child, Jonathan Pitre. The song is written and performed  by Tara Shannon Renaud  feat .North Easton. As Tara says, it takes a village. Only volunteers helped with creating this video so please take the time to watch this. It was a  really special occasion and I still feel proud  and emotional to be a little part of this really special occasion.  My dream is that one day a cure will be found  for all the Butterfly Children in the world.



Watch this video for a special Butterfly Child